Copper, Nickel, PGE, Gold

Property description

The Valiquette Property is composed of one block totaling 104 claims covering an area of 5,563.07 ha. It is measuring about 13 kilometers in a SW-NE direction and is contiguous South West to the Duval main block. The property can be accessed by a Hydro-Quebec gravel road up to the Lac des Montagnes, and then by boat. An old winter road along the SE shore of Lac des Montagnes can be used for works.

The Valiquette project offers strong lithium potential in a well-established area. The lithium pegmatites tend to occur in swarms in the volcano-sedimentary units. The Valiquette property covers a large part of the regional volcano-sedimentary unit, a favourable unit that hosts Nemaska Lithium's Wabouchi deposit and the Lemarre showing.

Located in the northeastern part of the Superior geological province, and more specifically in the northeastern part of the Lac des Montagnes Formation, the Lac des Montagnes volcano-sedimentary belt is a sequence of aluminous metasediments and amphibolites containing basalts and ultramafic sills.

These rocks are highly sheared and cut by 20% late granitoids (leucogranite and biotite pegmatite).



The property is located in the middle part of the Lac des Montagnes volcano-sedimentary formation. In the vicinity of the Duval block the formation width is about 8 km and its orientation NE. It is locally composed of amphibolite quartz-rich paragneiss, biotite and sillimanite-bearing schist, pegmatite, basalt and ultramafic intrusives. Geophysical surveys show the signature and extent of ultramafic intrusions and iron formations, with some of them confirmed by historical drilling. (This is copied from above and needs to be adjusted)



The property is currently recognized for its magmatic nickel (Ni), copper (Cu) and platinum group elements (PGE) potential and host the Valiquette showing. The Valiquette showing is associated with a peridotite intrusions at the contact of the volcanogenic sediment of the Lac des Montagne formation.