Prospecting verified the presence of widespread syenite intrusions over 10 km long by up to 1 km wide at Trident Mountain. Most importantly, a total of eight rock and boulder samples collected in 2010 returned greater than 0.10% Nb2O5 (niobium oxide) with one grab sample from outcrop returning 2.82% Nb2O5 and 500 g/t Ta2O5 (tantalum oxide). Four boulder samples also returned greater than 0.30% TREO (total rare earths oxides) with one mafic intrusive boulder sample returning 2.81% TREO.


Prospecting results to date at the Kin property are very encouraging with four syenite boulder samples over a 700 x 700 meter area returning up to 5.26% TREO(total rare earths oxides) and 2.7% Nb2O5. Silt samples from the property are also exceedingly anomalous. Out of 102 silt samples collected from all seven of the Vendor`s rare metal projects in 2010, the single highest value of 2622 ppm TREE (total rare earths elements) was returned from this drainage. The sum of the boulder and silt anomalies indicates excellent prospective regions up-hill and up-ice within underexplored areas proximal to and/or on strike with- the Trident Property, located 10 kilometers to the northwest.


Nine rock samples were collected in 2010 with three of the samples returning greater than 0.20% TREO. The best sample, a zeolite altered syenite, returned 0.30% TREO (total rare earths oxide) and 0.52% Nb2O5. This sample was a more anomalous version typical of 0.3-2m wide syenite dykes that crisscross through the mafic alkaline host rocks in this and other parts of the Ice River Complex. This project is immediately adjacent to the Ice River REE-Nb-Base Metals Project operated by Eagle Plains Resources Ltd. (TSX.V: EPL).

All seven properties acquired were initially staked based on highly anomalous RGS stream-silt anomalies and prospective regional geology. Four of the properties, the Trident, Kin and IRC are part of, or proximal to, large alkaline intrusive complexes with established potential for REE and niobium mineralization.

In British Columbia, carbonatites, nepheline and sodalite syenites gneisses and related alkaline rocks are found in a broad zone which is parallel to, and on either side of the Rocky Mountain Trench (Pell, 1989). This belt has been labeled the "Rocky Mountain Rare Metal Belt."   rocky_mountains