Ta205  - Tantale

Tantalum is an element found in many ways in our everyday lives, improving technology and material performance. Its many applications include uses in electronics, medicine, engineering and energy generation.Tantalum has unique attributes that make it suitable for several specific purposes......Learn more

Li20  - Lithium

Batteries, especially rechargeable batteries, are the uses for lithium compounds with the largest growth potential. Demand for rechargeable lithium batteries continued to gain market share over rechargeable nonlithium batteries for use in cordless tools, portable computers and cellular telephones, and video cameras.....Learn more

Rare Earth (REE)

Rare Earth (REE) are a group of 17 minerals with similar properties. The REE have a metallic appearance and are relatively soft, malleable and ductile. These minerals, even if they are called "rares" are  instead relatively common in the Earth crust. They are also generally quite chemically reactive, especially at high temperatures or when finely divided.........Learn more